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Zhongshan Xiaolan intelligent lighting cross bound


In the afternoon of May 23rd, the Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, the wood Limited by Share Ltd, the people's Government of Xiaolan Town, and the semi Technical Committee of the China Lighting society, the theme "walk into the Xiaolan Zhongshan, the road of sharing the cross boundary of the Federation" was successfully held in the Limited by Share Ltd.


The Secretary General of the Federation illuminated the Microsoft, the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the China Mobile Internet of things branch, the crystal Feng Mingyuan, the graffiti intelligence, the Qing section, and Lund Vance, respectively, around the artificial intelligence, the intelligent lighting trend, the whole house intelligence, the Internet of things and other topics. Ceng Xiaolan, Secretary General of the semiconductor special committee of the China Lighting society, and Sun Shaofeng, director of the joint-stock market of wood, made a speech, and more than 100 people from the Federation of the Federation and the local enterprises participated in this exchange.

Li Jiahao, a member of the Xiaolan Town Government

The speech session was chaired by Sun Shaofeng, marketing director of the wood forest stock market. Li Jia Hao, a member of the government of Xiaolan Town, briefly introduces the industrial advantages of Xiaolan Town. In the age of intelligence, Xiaolan takes the intelligence of products, intelligent process and intelligent management, and pave the way for the transformation and upgrading of local lock enterprises and lighting enterprises, and the cross boundary integration of the "security and illumination" in Xiaolan and the theme of today's activities. Interest related, I believe there will be more opportunities for cross-border cooperation with IOT enterprises in the future.

Sun Shaofeng, director of the joint-stock Market

Ceng Xiaolan, Secretary General of the semiconductor society of China Illuminating Society

Ceng Xiaolan, Secretary General of the semiconductor special committee of the China Lighting society, said from the industry market size and the industrial advantage of Xiaolan Town that the participating enterprises will develop together with the advantages of Xiaolan and the cross boundary advantages of the industry. Sun Shaofeng, the director of the joint-stock market, briefly introduced the development process of the joint-stock stock as the sponsor and host, as well as the integration and development after the acquisition of the world famous company, Lund vans.


The Secretary-General of the Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, Shanghai, illuminated the report of the guest, and shared the report on "the era of the Internet of things, the cross-border integration of intelligent lighting". In the age of the Internet of things, the Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation takes root in the industry of the supply chain system of the lighting industry and the Internet of things. It has cross boundary from artificial intelligence, cloud platform, sensor, chip and other technologies to the interconnected industry, and then to the future new retail channels. The Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation has joined hands. Multi member units contribute to the transformation and upgrading of traditional lighting.


Chen Huaming, director of R & D of emerging markets in landvance, shared "smart+ makes lighting more valuable". Chen's observation and Thinking on the Internet of things and intelligent lighting, the market positioning of the intelligent lighting of Lund vans, what products and intelligent + + can be provided by landvance, and the wonderful sharing of four aspects of the endless technology exploration. Lund Vance is a positioning intelligent lighting equipment, control equipment provider, and Lund vans is currently working with apple homekit, echo voice smart sound cross-border cooperation, for the domestic market, and including the Tmall spirit, including the cross-border cooperation.


Wang Junxin, the Microsoft cloud architecture solution itself consultant, has done "hand in hand with Microsoft for enterprise transformation". With the development of large data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, intelligent products gradually infiltrate into the full dimension of working life scene, and the development of artificial intelligence, speech recognition technology, and future products. Between products and products, the interconnection and intercommunication between products and people is becoming more and more important. In Intelligent City, smart home, intelligent lighting, intelligent factory and other intelligent transformation, Microsoft provides enterprises with cloud, large data, artificial intelligence and logistics network integration solution.


Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Tmall wizard IoT business director Wang Yi shared the mission of the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the intelligent voice assistant Tmall spirit's product advantage, the development status and the IoT cooperation model. Tmall spirit combined with Bluetooth alliance, as well as MTK, Telink and other chip factories, introduced the IOT Connect technology based on Sig Mesh, making the experience of smart home has a revolutionary promotion. The Alibaba artificial intelligence laboratory will first launch a highly cost-effective Sig Mesh scheme in the fields of lighting, electricians and sensors to promote the rapid development of China's intelligent lighting and smart home.


Zhang Yang, senior market manager of the China Mobile Internet of things open platform, shared "promotion of industrial innovation assistant consumption upgrade". Zhang manager share OneNET is an open platform for the PaaS layer of Internet of things built by China Mobile, which can help developers to easily realize equipment access and equipment connection, quickly complete product development and deployment, and provide "end". The end platform application overall solution helps enterprises to achieve rapid NB-IoT upgrading. "And things" will provide end to end solutions and manipulations for the customers and users of a character networking scene, and gradually form the overall solution of the "hardware + platform + service".


Hu Liqiang, chairman of Jingfeng Ming source, shares the "crystal Feng Ming source: the executive and the watchman of intelligent lighting". Crystal Feng Mingyuan is a virtual IDM simulation and a hybrid signal chip design company established in 08 years. It is the sales champion of the LED segmentation field, continuous innovation to meet the changing needs of customers, through the Internet and lighting enterprises across the world. Boundary integration, 18 years is an important turning point for intelligent lighting. Crystal Feng Ming source focuses on the LED driver chip, the executor of the dimming and color control chip, the watchman of the auxiliary power supply, and the straddle integration with graffiti, Ali, Qing Ke and Mulin, and do a good job of intelligent lighting technology and the cross boundary ecology of the products.


Chen Jian, director of the sales director of Shanghai Festival, shares the promotion of industrial innovation, Chen said, in the Internet of things, the coming three years, the government led intelligent city and intelligent community landing, real estate dealers and operators, the new entry of the market, Echo, Tmall elves and other intelligent sound large-scale Shipments, user habit formation, single product interconnected and interconnected to form better guidance and education consumers, IOT+AI push animal networking scene fast commercialization, IoT+ block chain security network security and other new technologies, the real Internet of things age and the arrival of consumption upgrade, Qing Ke as a solution provider of Internet of things, make tradition The manufacturing industry is truly the owner of the "DT era".


Huang Rui, director of doodle intelligence marketing, shared AI's help in upgrading traditional manufacturing enterprises. As a start-up company that has been established for only 4 years, graffiti intelligence has rapidly grown into a unicorn enterprise which can not be underestimated. It is capable of the global cloud service capability and the original platform service model of the graffiti intelligence.
Graffiti intelligently connects the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains to provide customers with one-stop artificial intelligent Internet of things solutions, and covers three aspects of hardware access, cloud services and APP software development, forming a closed loop of artificial intelligence + manufacturing services to help manufacturing enterprises to be fast and real. Now products are intelligent, and provide three support for cooperative enterprises, including technology empowerment, product empowerment and channel empowerment. At present, graffiti Intelligent Cloud covers more than 200 countries and regions, and the energy products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions, which have accumulated more than 10000 global business customers.


At the end of the conference, the Secretary General of the Pudong intelligent lighting Federation, Shanghai, lit with Sun Shaofeng, director of the joint stock market, to jointly sign the future Federation of the Internet of things and supply chain members to cooperate with wood Lin Sen and landvance in artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data business model, new retail and so on. Multiparty win-win development, Microsoft, Ali, China Mobile Internet of things branch, graffiti intelligence, Qing Branch, crystal Feng Ming source, Lund wance, China Lighting society, semi special committee, Zhongshan semiconductor lighting industry association and other guests to witness.